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The Dental Hygiene Question and Answer Community for Hygienists by Hygienists
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  • 03/15/17--03:35: Instrumentation review
  • Can you give some ideas or references for clinical instrumentation review. I have been told Ana Pattinson videos are good. Do you know of anything else besides school textbooks or YouTube videos?

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  • 03/21/17--10:53: Help With Shadowing an RDH
  • Hi! I am considering going to school to become a dental hygienist. I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts and I go to school in Western Massachusetts. I was curious if anyone knew of a place or a business or an office where I could job shadow to see if this really is for me. Or […]

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  • 04/01/17--20:01: WREB vs CRDTS
  • Hi, I failed 3 times the WREB. Every time i almost passed so begin to be desperate to become one day an RDH. I was far from being the worse in my class and they all passed. I am still trying to understand why i keep failing. My school doesn’t offer remediation and the instructors […]

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  • 04/10/17--12:33: AS vs BS in Dental Hygiene
  • Difference Between an AS Degree & a BS Degree for a Dental Hygienist?

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    dental hygiene

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    Hi, while i’m using the cavitron, i have trouble on how to properly bend the suction so that it catches all the water while it’s in the patients mouth. I feel like when i place the suction in the patients mouth, it keeps sticking to the patients cheek or tongue. Any tips on how to […]

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  • 08/01/17--00:53: Dental Hygiene Programs
  • Are dental hygiene programs just as sufficient as going to a community college? What’s the difference? Please help me

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    I am having really hard time to get my Licence in California..I took 3 times the wreb and failed, then I took the CRDTS and passed with 97%. I sent all my papers to the DHCC who now are telling me I need remediation. My school doesn’t know how to offer remediation. It seems that […]

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    Do you know any universities/schools/internships possible in The Netherlands/Germany for dental hygiene? How does the work as dental hygienist looks like in these two countries? as far as I heard, in Germany dental hygiene is not even concerned as a job. I think it might be useful to add, this year I start studies – […]

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  • 10/07/17--14:14: Dental hygiene in the army
  • Hi I am a student currently in college to become a dental hygienist, I took the picat and made it into the dentist program in the army, if I were to join and leave the army in 4yrs…. will I have a certificate of dental hygiene and will I be able to get my RDH […]

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  • 12/16/17--04:02: Clinical NP
  • I just found out that I received a NP for my clinic this semester due to the low score I received on Practicum I. I was not sure what to expect for my first Practicum and was unexpectedly terrified when I took it haveing 3 Professors so close to me, not saying a word …you […]

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  • 12/30/17--12:19: Ethics Case Study Help
  • I’m doing my first case study analysis in my final term of school, and I’m having a bit of trouble trying to decide which ethical principles the situation would fall under, as my text book only lists the Dentist Principles of Ethics and Codes of Conduct. It’s a situation of a hygienist seeing a patient […]

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  • 01/11/18--16:16: Studying For Boards
  • Hi all, I am in my final semester of my Bachelor’s program and I need some advice. I am little overwhelmed at the thought of taking a 350 question board followed by a clinical patient board, and 150 question clinical computerized exam – not to mention also the outstanding clinical requirements for school but that’s […]

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  • 02/16/18--07:49: WREB qualifications
  • I’m looking for a WREB patient. I know that there are supposed to be atleast 12 clickable areas of calc. What is the recommended pocket depths to have?

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  • 03/21/18--12:05: WERB or CRDTS clinical exam
  • I am moving to CA from NY. I have the option to either take the WERB or CRDTS. Which one would you recommend and why? Comparisons would be super helpful! Thank you in advance!